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No web access
~Delores Frolutherakol 01/21/2004 04:58 PM
Domino Web Access 6.0.3 Linux - RedHat


I have a domino web server running with Linux. Everything seems fine when I start the server, but somehow when I try to access my database over the web from a client it does not work. The error is that IE can't find the server. But if I ping it, I receive an answer.

We have a firewall, but it's only for external web sites (e.g. google), not for those inside our domain.

Now, I have my http task running fine, listening to port 80 for requests.

I configured a Internet site document.

The strange thing is that I can access my database from the web if I do it from the computer where my domino server is located, using Mozilla.

Has anyone been across the same type of problem?

Where could I find good documentation on this? Notes help doesn't help much.



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